August 29, 2015

Fresh Droppings: David Myhr – Soundshine

Perfect pop collections are a rare commodity. Plenty of artists can come up with one or two singles that hit all the right pleasure points, but then they’re tapped out, the rest of the record a batch of half-formed ideas and filler. A full album — now that’s something to get excited about. David Myhr‘s Soundshine makes me ecstatic.

Myhr has a history of knowing his way around a pop hook from his days as part of the beloved Merrymakers, and Soundshine is a top-to-bottom success. The opening notes of first track, Never Mine, set the tone. Bouncy piano, sunny melodies — the song wedges into your brain and doesn’t let go. The next two, Looking for a Life and Got You Where He Wanted, continue the onslaught of hummable gems. The latter, in particular, is a volume up, windows down blaster. In fact, these three rival the opening trio from Sloan’s The Double Cross as the best one-two-three punch from a power pop album in the last couple of years.

Many records begin to tail off at song four. Not the case here. Every song hits the mark. Cut to the Chase is hard-driving pop perfection. Icy Tracks introduces a heavier synth element that offers a new wrinkle to the set. Even when Myhr decides to ease of the pedal with the relaxed The One, the flow doesn’t lag. By the time he closes with Ride Along, you’ll swear you’ve just listened to a master-class in power pop.

Hard copies are available in Europe and Japan. US residents can order the album directly from Myhr’s site or download the album from Amazon.

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