September 16, 2014

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Spoon w/ Hamilton Leithauser – Old National Centre 9/12/2014

One thing you can almost always count on with shows at Old National Centre is precision. Bands hit the stage when they're supposed to, the sound is typically good, and you can bank on getting home at a decent hour. Austin's Spoon also rely on precision. The band's intricate, indie rock compositions have an artfulness not found in a lot of today's music. But Spoon also knows how to cut loose and bring the noise. Britt Daniel and his cohorts … [Read More...]

Hooray for Earth

Hooray for Earth w/ Grooms and Bailiff – The HiFi 8/15/2014

Last night, Hooray for Earth's lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Noel Heroux told my buddy Brett from indiEngage his band's sound was influenced by both Nirvana and Enya. Oddly, that sounds about right. With its layers of noise, memorable hooks, and soaring, at times ethereal vocals, Hooray for Earth has figured out a way to merge the two disparate styles. Touring in support of their latest, the fantastic Racy, the four-piece made their way to … [Read More...]

Mikaela Davis

Picture Pages: Mikaela Davis – The HiFi 8/10/2014

Photographer extraordinaire Lisa Sangiorgio was on hand for the Mikaela Davis show at the Hi-Fi on Sunday night. Check out her pics below: … [Read More...]

Future Islands

Future Islands w/ Operators – The Vogue 8/9/2014

Future Islands became the indie band of the summer following their knock-out performance on Letterman back in March. It certainly helps that their latest, Singles, is far and away their best record. But their throwback synth pop wouldn't be as interesting -- the band isn't redefining the genre -- if not for dynamic frontman Samuel T. Herring. His growly, neo-soul voice, coupled with his live presence full of unabashed, joyous, self-assured … [Read More...]

Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis w/ Apache Relay – Deluxe 7/31/2014

I've always enjoyed listening to Jenny Lewis -- whether in Rilo Kiley or her first two albums -- but the new one, Voyager, is the first that hooked in deep from start to finish. Despite the poppier melodies on cuts like Just One of the Guys and She's Not Me, the songs have a darkness and weariness that didn't seem as present before. With the Voyager, Lewis isn't simply showing off her solid songwriting chops -- she's letting listeners in, … [Read More...]

Matthew Sweet Fun

Matthew Sweet w/ Tommy Keene – Radio Radio 7/24/2014

Matthew Sweet's song Winona, from the classic Girlfriend, may not be about Winona Ryder, but it's forever linked in my mind with the actress, who in the late 80s and early 90s was the coolest girl on the planet. She probably still is. Seriously, Heathers. Winona was the song Thursday night at Radio Radio -- the fourth of the night -- when the pieces all came together and the Matthew Sweet Rock Show hit its stride. And it was a capital R rock … [Read More...]