July 24, 2014

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Blue Skies 2014

Fresh Droppings – Blue Skies for Black Hearts (s/t)

The new self-titled release from Portland's Blue Skies for Black Hearts is, technically, their sixth album. But lead Blue Sky-er Pat Kearns and his rotating band of musicians have never delivered a record quite like this one. Kearns and his cohorts have created an album that signals a rebirth of sorts. The pop hooks and smart lyrics are still there in full force, but there's an added layer of weight, warmth, and gravitas. This is meticulous … [Read More...]


Bailiff – White Rabbit Cabaret 6/26/2014

Chicago trio Bailiff have played Indy several times, but Thursday night's show at the White Rabbit Cabaret was the first time I'd had the chance to catch them perform. Now I know what I've been missing. Their first record, Red Balloon, is a churning, bluesy gem. Bailiff know how to build an insistent groove, and each song burrows it's way into your brain. Yet riffs are incomplete without good hooks, and the band delivers plenty. Check out … [Read More...]

Lindsey Stirling

Picture Pages: Lindsey Stirling – Old National Centre 6/9/2014

New feature here at Indy Rock Live. Picture Pages (yes, that's an 80s era Bill Cosby reference -- I'm old) featuring some cracking photos by Lisa Sangiorgio. Take a look at her snaps from Lindsey Stirling's performance at ONC earlier this week. Not familiar with Lindsey Stirling? Watch below: … [Read More...]

World Party

World Party – The Hi-Fi 6/7/2014

Karl Wallinger, better known as World Party, had a brain aneurysm in 2001. The band's last proper album, Dumbing Up, was released the year prior. To say I ever expected, in 2014, to see Wallinger and his mates performing in an intimate club to 150 fans would be a lie. And yet that was the case Saturday night at The Hi-Fi. Wallinger, along with his crack duo of John Turnbull on guitar and David Duffy on fiddle and mandolin, put on a terrific show … [Read More...]

On In Love

Fresh Droppings: On in Love

Today sees the release of the debut from On In Love, a collaboration between Shudder to Think front man Craig Wedren and composer Jefferson Friedman. The combination of Wedren's incredible voice and Friedman's layered, large-scale compositions make this an impressive listen. Check out Fight Song (Show Them the Floor) below. … [Read More...]

Army Navy 2

Fresh Droppings: Army Navy – The Mistakes

Outstanding indie pop band Army Navy are back with their newest, The Wilderness Inside, on July 15. Stream the first track, The Mistakes, below. Great harmonies, winsome lyrics, a killer hook, and hand claps -- a perfect summer song. … [Read More...]