March 4, 2015

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Late Cambrian

Fresh Droppings: Late Cambrian – Golden Time

The live show calendar falls on the meager side in February, which makes it the perfect time for me to seek out exciting bands previously not on my radar. Enter Brooklyn, New York's Late Cambrian and their latest, the smart, chills-inducing Golden Time. While the Grammy awards typically celebrate the most insipid, uninspired radio-friendly pop music, a dig beneath the surface of the genre will unearth gems like Late Cambrian. The quartet has … [Read More...]

strand of oaks

Strand of Oaks w/ Bully – The HiFi 1/21/2015

Strand of Oaks mastermind Timothy Showalter is from Indiana. That fact has been discussed in several pieces written around these parts, so I'm not going to rehash it here. What I will say is the Goshen native and his band, in a homecoming show of sorts, delivered an early candidate for concert of the year. After a brief but blistering set from Nashville's Bully -- heads up Sleater-Kinney fans -- Showalter and company hit the stage for an … [Read More...]

jukebox the ghost

Jukebox the Ghost w/ Twin Forks and Secret Someones – Deluxe 1/15/2015

I love a great pop song. New York-based Jukebox the Ghost, over the course of four albums, has proven to be exceptional at writing them. The band's piano-based sugar highs are goosebump-inducing, feel-good perfection, which is made abundantly clear on their most recent, self-titled album. Hooks for days. The trio made its way to Indianapolis once again, setting up shop in Deluxe for a few hundred dedicated fans. For 90 minutes, the room was … [Read More...]

Curtis Harding

Indy Rock Live – Will Carroll Top 20 Albums of 2014

Will Carroll is the Lead Writer for Sports Medicine at Bleacher Report. He lives in Greenwood, Indiana and thinks his opinion about music matters just because he saw David Bowie play at Market Square Arena. You can find him on Twitter at @injuryexpert. 2014 was a very deep year for albums, whether you look at sheer number of albums that could have been on this (or anyone’s) list or at the sheer quality of the ones at the top. Some of these … [Read More...]

Sloan commonwealth

Indy Rock Live 50 Favorite Albums of 2014

I've posted top 10 lists in the past, but they never seem to do justice to the wealth of great music I hear during the year. This year I've decided to be more inclusive. With words on just a few, here are my 50 favorite recordings. 50. The Jigsaw Seen - Old Man Reverb 49. Centro-Matic - Take Pride in Your Long Odds 48. Neuman & Ken Stringfellow - Bye Fear/Hi Love 47. Martin Carr - The Breaks 46. Gruff Rhys - American … [Read More...]

Zero 1

Indy Rock Live Top 10 Books of 2014

I finished 77 books in 2014, which is right in line with my average the past few years. Another 30 or so I gave up on after my 50-75 page limit. I find it interesting to look back at the end of the year to see where my tastes veered. A horror kick morphed into an interest in old noir. I upped my graphic novel intake while diminishing the time I spent on fantasy and sci-fi. Non-fiction was non-existent. If November and December are any indication, … [Read More...]