April 25, 2015

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Sufjan Stevens – Old National Centre 4/18/2015

I've decided to keep this one brief because, honestly, I'm still processing. Saturday night was the third time I've seen Sufjan, and to expectation, it was considerably different than the two previous performances -- a freewheeling Christmas show and the cabaret Age of Adz concert. Touring in support of his latest, the somber, dream-like Carrie & Lowell, the set was melancholy and meditative, in line with the material. The first hour of … [Read More...]

damien rice

Damien Rice – Old National Centre 4/13/2015

My Favourite Faded Fantasy, Damien Rice's 2014 release, was one of my favorite albums of the year. Few artists marry emotional intensity and cinematic scope to create songs that truly make you feel, and Fantasy was a wonderful return to form after 2006's muted 9. To be fair, 9 is a good album. But after his remarkable debut, O, he dialed back the wide-screen drama and the songs, save knockouts like Rootless Tree, felt less impactful. To … [Read More...]


Reptar w/ Icky Blossoms – The HiFi 4/8/2015

Earnestness can go a long way for a live band. As much fun as I had watching Joyful Noise artist Reptar play their kitchen sink indie pop Wednesday night at the HiFi, what stood out most was the sincerity of their performance. The 7-piece was having a great time on-stage, and that translated to the vibe in the room. People were smiling and dancing, inhibitions cast away. It was sweet, really. Reptar's sound is difficult to describe: Lots … [Read More...]

Marshall Crenshaw 2

Marshall Crenshaw & The Bottle Rockets – The HiFi 3/14/2015

It's always a pleasure when musical legacy acts are appreciated. The sold out crowd at The HiFi Saturday night was testament. Alt-country old schoolers The Bottle Rockets still bring out the loyal fans for its brand of crunchy rock. Power pop legend Marshall Crenshaw's timeless classics sound as fresh today as they did in the 1980s. The Bottle Rockets opened with a one hour set split between catalog stand-bys and new tracks from their upcoming … [Read More...]

Marshall Crenshaw

We’re Still Here. The Winter of Renewal is Almost Over.

We love our live music here at Indy Rock Live, but occasionally we need a recharge. That's what we've been doing this winter -- conserving energy so we can be fully immersed as the concert calendar comes roaring back. I'm nearly 41 now. I have kids, and they have activities. I get tired. To that end, though I still love hitting live shows, the focus of this site will shift slightly toward new, under-the-radar music. If I saw your band the last … [Read More...]

Late Cambrian

Fresh Droppings: Late Cambrian – Golden Time

The live show calendar falls on the meager side in February, which makes it the perfect time for me to seek out exciting bands previously not on my radar. Enter Brooklyn, New York's Late Cambrian and their latest, the smart, chills-inducing Golden Time. While the Grammy awards typically celebrate the most insipid, uninspired radio-friendly pop music, a dig beneath the surface of the genre will unearth gems like Late Cambrian. The quartet has … [Read More...]