July 1, 2015

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paul weller

Concert Catch-Up: Hiss Golden Messenger and Paul Weller

The past week has been reminiscent of my tireless show going of a few years ago. I can't do the 4 shows a week thing anymore, but occasionally the good ones cluster. Two quick recaps: Hiss Golden Messenger - June 15 at the HiFi -- My first exposure to MC Taylor aka Hiss Golden Messenger was when he opened for the Jason Molina: Magnolia Electric Co tribute show about 18 months back. Since then, I've been gobbling up his work, especially the … [Read More...]

Last Days of April

Fresh Droppings: Last Days of April – Sea of Clouds

Proof you'll never know about every band out there, Sweden's Last Days of April has been releasing well-received records for nearly 20 years yet Sea of Clouds is the first time I'd heard of them. Time to correct that oversight. The band's latest is a languid, organic album that flows unhurried, similar to Sky Blue Sky era Wilco. Each meticulously crafted song glides along a current you can't help but join along. Slide guitar is featured … [Read More...]


The Pixies – Old National Centre 6/13/2015

Another one crossed off. I keep a list of active bands I want to see live. The Pixies have long resided near the top. Since they reformed several years ago, the legendary group has danced around Indy - Chicago, Louisville, etc -- without stopping here. On Saturday, they finally appeared. It was worth the wait. From the opening notes of Gouge Away, all was right with the world (or at least within the ONC theatre). Frank Black is still one … [Read More...]

Built to Spill

Built to Spill – The Vogue 5/27/2015

Though I've changed a lot since the late 90s, Built to Spill has remained remarkably consistent. Perhaps that's why I stopped paying as close attention after 2001's Ancient Melodies of the Future. I listened to their mid-to-late 2000's records, but they didn't align as closely with my preferences at the time. Like many, however, I tend to circle back around, which is why the band's 2015 release, Untethered Moon, has connected like seminal … [Read More...]


Wilco w/ Steve Gunn – Old National Centre 5/7/2015

Late to post, but not much to say that hasn't been said countless times: Wilco was great. At this point, I don't think they could put on a bad show. Thursday's show was 30 songs deep and included a couple of obscurities, along with the Tweedy and Co. standards. Here's the set list: Steve Gunn opened with his Dead-esque indie noodling. I was indifferent, but I know he's not my thing. Back to Wilco -- they were amazing. Here's to another 20 … [Read More...]


Sufjan Stevens – Old National Centre 4/18/2015

I've decided to keep this one brief because, honestly, I'm still processing. Saturday night was the third time I've seen Sufjan, and to expectation, it was considerably different than the two previous performances -- a freewheeling Christmas show and the cabaret Age of Adz concert. Touring in support of his latest, the somber, dream-like Carrie & Lowell, the set was melancholy and meditative, in line with the material. The first hour of … [Read More...]